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Friday, November 09, 2007

Mystery insect in Tokyo CBD


Tokyo is without doubt one of Japan's greenest cities. Very few streets are completely devoid of trees or flowers, and a green space, whether a park or a garden, is rarely more than a few minutes' walk away.

During my lunch break today, I was walking down a street in the business area where I work, Kojimachi, and admiring the beautiful flowers in the flower boxes that line that particular street.

My eye was caught by what I first thought was a very small bird, but which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be a very large insect.

Beating its wings so fast that they were just a whirring golden brown blur, it hovered, never landing, and flitted from flower to flower, sticking into each one its enormously long proboscis (about 1.5 times the length of its body) for mere milliseconds before darting to the next.

It was so quick that photographing it was next to impossible, and of the 20 or 30 shots I took in rapid succession, only one turned out to be "legible".

Any entomologists out there who know what it might be, please leave a comment!

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Sneb said...

That's an easy one:


I saw some really weird insects in Japan that I can't identify. One was a little flat worm that built a flat dirt colored house for itself which it dragged around with it. I know, it's hard to describe and I didn't have a digital camera with me at the time damnit.

Soccerphile said...

Thanks, Sneb! I'll keep an eye out for the little flat worm.